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Commercial roof flashing is one of the most vital components of a functional roof.

When a roof is installed on a structure as part of a construction or renovation project, one of the most important steps in the process is installing a layer of roof flashing. This thin material, often made of metal, helps to prevent moisture from moving into the cracks and openings of a roof. It’s installed near areas where the roof connects with exterior walls, as well as around roof valleys, chimneys, and other necessary openings. But not all roofing contractors offer the same level of service or workmanship, so some fail to install this material. Even those who do may not install it correctly, which can result in leaks and moisture damage.

Commercial Roof Flashing in Raleigh, North Carolina

If you’re experiencing issues with the roof on your Raleigh, North Carolina facility, contact us at Roofwise. We offer professional roofing services for commercial clients, and we can determine whether the commercial roof flashing is causing moisture seepage. Our technicians have undergone extensive training in the roofing industry, so we know what to look for when performing an inspection. If we find that the flashing has sustained damage or can’t perform properly, we can replace it.

Commercial roof flashing is one of the most vital components of a functional roof. When we’re performing a roof replacement job, we always follow the best practices in our industry to ensure that the commercial roof flashing is properly installed and can do its job. If you have any questions about commercial roof flashing or any of our other roofing services, reach out to us to get started.

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